Individual home electric vehicle charging station

It is the fact that the infrastructure of charging stations for electric vehicles is developing mainly among business facilities, recreation areas, shopping and service centers. Certainly, it is convenient if you come for service maintenance, for a festive event and a few hours your electric vehicle can be recharged from a stationary electric charging station. But as on weekdays, so as daily, the electric car also requires a charging,. Charging an electric car at home is inconvenient in terms of its location, connection to it electric vehicle, and the time of charging the battery.

UGV Chargers offers its own charging station solutions for electric vehicles at home or in the building surrounding areas.


UGV Chargers offers its own charging station solutions for electric cars at home or in the building surrounding grounds.

Where to locate (install) the personal charging of electric vehicle:

installing your charger in the garage, parking lot and private home

If you have decided to install a charging station for electric vehicle in the parking lot of a residential complex or an apartment building and in the garage, in this case we offer to buy a charging station from the manufacturer.

However, in order to avoid an additional work, we suggest to consider the following nuances during the installation of EV charging station:

Specifications of UGV Chargers ev home charging stations:

We produce customized electric charging stations, and you can order a home electric car charging station according to your individual design and equipment

Our charging stations have a waterproof shockproof case, video surveillance can be installed.


UGV Chargers' own development allows to restrict access of other cars to the home charging station for electric vehicle in a public place, for example, in the courtyard of a residential building.

In addition to production, we also perform installation, connection and further maintenance of the station. Installing ev charger at home by UGV Charger you`ll get not only a charging service, but also a technical support of the equipment by the company, as well as the opportunity to receive income from the collective use of the electric charge point at home.