Parking barrier

Frequently enough we see the situation when the parking place for charging electric cars is occupied by a car. The systemic nature of this phenomenon has led to the emergence of the worldwide concept of "ICEing" (ICE - in the translation of ICE, internal combustion engine) for its designation.

In addition to the moral aspect, this phenomenon also carries the risk of causing significant potential loss to the owners of electric cars: the electric car driver can count on the free status of the station and go for refueling on the remaining energy.

To help drivers, UGV Chargers has developed its own unique system for monitoring employment and access to the parking space for electric vehicles - the Parking Barrier.

Electric car charging video guide

Charging an electric car on ev home charging station or in the local area, equipped with a parking barrier UGV Chargers .

Parking barrier functions

The equipment is designed to manage the electric car parking at the EV charging stations:

Barrier charging process

Instructions for the charging process at an electric car parking equipped with a barrier:

Monitoring system

Is built-in in the EV charging complex and performs the following tasks:


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