Map of electric charging stations in Ukraine

For the EV owners convenience we place on the map of UGV Chargers electric stations, the information about

The development of the electric charging network is top priority task, since the expansion of the electric charging infrastructure, especially the long-distance one, will lead to an increase of electric vehicles number on the roads of Ukraine, which will have a beneficial effect on the ecological situation in the country and will solve the urgent question for owners of green cars, where to charge an electric car. The demand for street chargepoint EV charger is growing, and their shortage and constant employment are causing discomfort for EV owners.

For the owner of an electric car, the issue of charging a car in a network of electric charging stations is simplified thanks to an electric charging stations map, which is available both on the website and in the mobile app UGV Chargers.

On the map of UGV Chargers electric car charging points, you can:

Find the nearest charging station

Change the status of the UGV Chargers charging station:

working / on maintenance / busy

Book a station for a charging session for a need time

Take a route to the nearest ev charging location

Carry out a charging session (charging)

Pay for the electric charging station services

The function of remote access to the charging station for booking it, the ability to see the station on the map of electric stations in Ukraine - are available to drivers thanks to the UGV Chargers mobile application, to which all charging stations of the network are connected.

Download the UGV Chargers mobile application

Manage your personal account on-line, search and book a station in the UGV Chargers network on the map of electric charging stations in Ukraine.