Another cool digest for new powerful stations for March from Oleksii Bodnia was released This episode included 8 charging stations manufactured by UGV Chargers on the GO-TO-U platform. High-speed stations UGV Chargers with capacity from 80 to 160 kW with a variety of combinations of connectors (CCS2, CHAdeMO, GB/T) last month expanded the network of electric charging infrastructure in Ukraine. Watch the full review on YouTube: Electric … Read more

We are preparing for shipment the first 240 kW station for the GO-TO-U network.

The station is equipped with 4 ports: CHAdeMo CCS1 CCS2 GB/T Wait for the new UGV Chargers fast charging stations in your city! A full list of UGV Chargers stations and detailed information can be found at the link To order charging stations, contact the specialists of the UGV Chargers company.

We share another review of new charging stations for electric cars from Oleksii Bodnia episode included stations manufactured by UGV Chargers. The first of them located in Ivano-Frankove, Lviv region on the GO TO-U platform and has capacity of 120 kW. The other station located in Shehyni, Lviv region on the GO TO-U platform and has capacity of 160 kW.Both high-speed stations are equipped with 4 ports: CCS2 CHAdeMO … Read more

Feedback on the fast charging station “UGV Chargers” Vasylenko, author of the YouTube channel “Перша Електричка”, in his review left a feedback for the fast charging station “UGV Chargers”. The charging station is located in the Stryzhavka, Vinnytsia region on the GO TO-U platform and equipped with 4 ports: CCS CHAdeMO Type 1 Type 2 Based on the materials: Thank you for your … Read more

More and more Ukrainians choose electric cars every year January 2024, Ukrainians purchased 3,500 battery-powered vehicles (BEVs). According to Ukravtoprom, this is 2.8 times more compared to demand in last January. The share of new electric vehicles in BEV registrations for January this year was 24% against 23% in January 2023. In total, 3,490 electric cars were registered this month, of which 840 were … Read more