UGV Chargers is looking for locations to install an electric charging station or charging points on the territory of your business

The installation of electric charging stations for electric vehicles in this option of cooperation requires a minimum of costs and efforts from you: provide a place to install an electric charging station of any configuration lay an electric line to the place of installation of the electric charging station of the required capacity, min. 7 … Read more

UGV Chargers mobile application

UGV Chargers mobile applicationAccording to recent research, more than 60% of Ukrainian consumers use smartphones to search for and purchase goods. And even more so for owners of an innovative mode of transportation, such as electric vehicles, mobility and convenience are of utmost importance. For electric car drivers, one of the main functions required in … Read more

Investments in business

Installing an electric charging station for electric vehicles manufactured by UGV Chargers will take your business to the next level. UGV Chargers, as a developer and manufacturer of electric charging stations, offers you a full cycle of electric charging station installation: project development installation of the charging station connecting it to the UGV Chargers network … Read more

Happy Easter!

On this bright and pure holiday, we wish you goodness and grace. May your heart always be at ease, the sky above your head be peaceful and clear, and your family, loved ones and loyal friends be by your side.

UGV charging stations with dynamic power distribution

Ukrainian manufacturer UGV Chargers never stops improving its electric charging stations, and one of the best solutions was to create the possibility of dynamic distribution across all ports of the station. Thanks to the modular design of the power units and dynamic power distribution, one 160 kW UGV Chargers station can charge four electric vehicles … Read more