UGV Chargers in the city of Dnipro!

Попереднє Наступне Two UGV Chargers 40 kW electric charging stations were installed. The stations are open around the clock, have a free parking area and are located nearby, which allows you to choose a free station and a convenient time for charging your car. The charging station is located at 141A Oleksandr Polia Ave. The … Read more

One more station UGV Chargers was installed in Slovakia

Previous Next One more station UGV Chargers was installed in Slovakia, which is our second installed charging station in Europe! The charging station is located at: Trnava, adresa Hlavna 30/198, Dolná Krupa , near the restaurant «7 divov». The charging station is equipped with two ports Type2+Type2, 7+22 kW. For ordering EV Charging Stations contact … Read more

UGV Chargers charging stations are powerful and reliable!

Our specialists carefully check any station, monitor the quality of assembly in a constant mode. UGV Chargers charging stations are made of European components and can be produced according to the needs of the client with the required number of charging ports and power. UGV Chargers support charging of all ports simultaneously, distributing the power … Read more

Congratulations on the upcoming New Year holidays!

We wish that the gained valuable experience will be useful for the surprises of life, good health, courageous deeds and new friends who will support you in difficult times!Peace and love in your families and the world!

Production of fast electric chargers UGV Chargers in Turkey

Today we had a meeting with our partners in Turkey. We discussed issues related to the further development of the production of fast electric chargers in Turkey and tested the UGV charges 160 kW charging station. We would like to inform you that on July 29, 2022, the joint Ukrainian-Turkish company “UGV TR chargers” for … Read more

Flexible configuration of EV charging stations

Having our own production of EV charging stations UGV Chargers, we can manufacture a station according to your needs with an individual configuration. Options for fast charging stations with the number of ports – up to 4 are available:  DC (CHAdeMO, CCS, GB/T) – by choice or combination;  AC (Type1, Type2) – on choice or … Read more

Fast charging stations UGV Chargers

Previous Next With what capacity do you choose a fast EV charging station – 40, 60, 80, 120 or 160 kW? The line-up of UGV Chargers fast charging stations includes all of the above.The charging stations are equipped with 2 or 4 charging ports, including DC charging ports (CCS Combo and CHAdeMO), and AC charging … Read more

EV charging station Fast Charger 120 kW

Meet the fast EV charging station Fast Charger 120 kW from UGV Chargers in the network of the GO TO-U operator in the Lviv region, in the village of Sokilniki near the shopping center King Kross Lepolis at the address: str. Stryyska 30. Our flagship model, the 120 kW DC (7+22 kW AC) fast charging … Read more