How the 160 kW charging station from UGV Chargers works when three ports are used simultaneously

Ukrainian blogger Oleksii Bodnia told in his review. The charging station is located in Odessa on the GO TO-U platform. The video shows how three cars with ports are charged at the same time: CCS GB/T TYPE 2 The station is designed for four ports, where the fourth user can connect the CHAdeMO port. … Read more

Review of the electric charging station from UGV Chargers in the city of Uman by Ukrainian blogger Oleksii Bodnia blogger Oleksii Bodnia showed and talked in his video about the advantages of using our electric charging station, which is located on the GO TO-U platform. Trips become comfortable when your electric car can find a source in any direction of your journey. According to the materials: can read the entire list of UGV Chargers … Read more

UGV Chargers stations in the E1 network of the company “Epicentr”

The Epicenter company plans to install UGV Chargers stations in its E1 network.Under the E1 brand, you will be able to use already familiar charging stations and be confident in your future trips throughout Ukraine. Learn more:… If you want to order a fast charging station for your location, contact our managers.Fast chargers to everyone!

Combining parking and electric charging in one compact multi-storey car storage area Due to the large annual growth of electric vehicles, one of the urgent problems in the residential areas of the city is the lack of a sufficient number of parking spaces, as well as the lack of infrastructure for charging electric vehicles. UGV Chargers specialists have found ways to solve problems — combining parking … Read more

UGV Chargers charging stations are looking for locations in your city

The installation of electric charging stations for electric vehicles in this option of cooperation requires a minimum of costs and efforts from you: provide a place to install an electric charging station of any configuration lay an electric line to the place of installation of the electric charging station of the required capacity, min. 7 … Read more

The UGV Chargers warehouse has charging stations available for shipment

The following fast DC charging stations are available in stock for shipment: Fast charging station 160 kW UGV-A189CG-H50C160T22J7-D-RMH Ports CHAdeMO + CCS2 + Type1 + Type 2 Fast charging station 60 kW UGV-A89CG-H50C60T22J7-D-RMH Ports  CCS Combo 2- CHAdeMO+ Type 2 +  Type 1 Fast charging station 40 kW UGV-A62CG-H40T22-D-RMH Ports  CHAdeMO + Type 2 UGV … Read more