Smart Socket – intelligent outlet

Smart Socket - charging equipment for electric cars not only for home use, but also a solution for condominiums and residential complexes parking.

Smart Socket is a power charging socket for an electric car, allowing you to organize the economical process of charging the electric car.

The owner of an electric car needs to install the Smart Socket, connect to the UGV Chargers network and get an RFID - card to access the socket for a quality charging process.

Smart Socket is:

Closed type power socket for 16 A

Individual access to the socket

Complete charging process

Control of charging process in mobile application

Does not require reinforced electrical wiring

Complete with SMART BOX allows you to organize an economical system for charging the electric car in the parking lot, in an apartment building.

UGV Chargers specialists will install the equipment, will carry out as its adjustment, connection to a network of electric refuels, and the subsequent service.


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