Smart Box & Smart Socket

Smart Box & Smart Socket

We`ve faced the fact that often "working" EV charging stations of previous generations need to expand their functionality and upgrade.

To solve these problems, our developers created a solution – SMART BOX.

And for the need of individual charging point control in commercial use - SMART SOCKET - electric car charger socket.

SMART BOX – "intelligent" equipment for EV charging stations, developed by UGV Chargers specialists. SMART BOX is mounted directly on the EV charging stations and allows:

SMART SOCKET is a charging socket for an electric car, providing individual access to a specific user via RFID - card. SMART SOCKET allows you to organize an economical charging system for an electric car in the parking lot, in an apartment building with the following specifications:

Thus, for charging an electric car its owner needs minimum equipment as an electric car charger socket SMART SOCKET, UGV Chargers network membership and RFID - card.

UGV Chargers specialists will install the equipment, will carry out  its adjustment, connection to EV charging stations network and after-sales service.