Smart Box & Smart Socket

Smart Box & Smart Socket

We`ve faced the fact that often "working" EV charging stations of previous generations need to expand their functionality and upgrade.

To solve these problems, our developers created a solution – SMART BOX.

And for the need of individual charging point control in commercial use - SMART SOCKET - electric car charger socket.

SMART BOX – "intelligent" equipment for EV charging stations, developed by UGV Chargers specialists. SMART BOX is mounted directly on the EV charging stations and allows:

SMART SOCKET is a charging socket for an electric car, providing individual access to a specific user via RFID - card. SMART SOCKET allows you to organize an economical charging system for an electric car in the parking lot, in an apartment building with the following specifications:

Thus, for charging an electric car its owner needs minimum equipment as an electric car charger socket SMART SOCKET, UGV Chargers network membership and RFID - card.

UGV Chargers specialists will install the equipment, will carry out  its adjustment, connection to EV charging stations network and after-sales service.

How to get profit?

This budget electric charging equipment can be used in the yard parking of residential buildings, separate parking lots for cars in order to organize a point for charging electric cars or modernization of existing equipment, but already outdated. With minimal investment, you can invest in a project that will generate income over an extended period of time and will not require significant investment.

Calculation of payback of equipment SMART BOX and SMART SOCKET.

UGV Chargers developed a smart budget solution to organize charging points in parking lots of residential complexes. The key equipment is the SMART BOX (smart cabinet) and SMART SOCKET (smart outlet).

Smart Box cost for 5 lines
700 $
Smart Socket cost, required quantity 5 pcs
100 $
Connection line (50 m)
169 $
Connection works
200 $
TOTAL total costs:
$ 1,169 or $ 234 per charging point

Thus, this option of equipping the charging point with electric charging equipment is cheaper than standard equipping the parking lot with a separate charging station.

Note: The cost of equipment, electricity may vary. Therefore, for a more accurate calculation of the payback of equipment, we advise you to contact the development managers of UGV Chargers or use this formula for calculations yourself.