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White Label Software

Manage your EV charging network with our white label turnkey solution on a ready-made platform. It includes the Charge Point Operator (CPO) functionality – Admin Panel (web-site) and the client fuctionality (site/mobile application).

Functionality of Administration Panel includes stations management, tariff management, clients managenent, payment management, history, reports and statistics. Manage EV charging stations, transactions, and users from a single interface with ease and efficiency. Monitor your entire charging network conveniently via a web browser.

Functionality for clients is the Mobile App that we develop according to your corporate style for management of each station ports, cashless billing, detailed statistics for convenient charging of you clients.

White Label Software Benefits:

Our company offers an advanced IT solution for managing charging stations in small locations (private parking, company parking, residential complexes) and a full cycle system for commercial use of charging stations. We are an innovative company from Ukraine known for our IT professionals and effective price solutions. We manage our own network of UGV Chargers EV charging stations, which means that our solutions are functional and tested in practice. We operate our own network of UGV Chargers, which means that our solutions are functional and tested in practice.

Why create a solution from scratch when we have our offer for every need and the possibility of customizing it to your unique design and needs.
Simply send us an enquiry and see if our offer is up to date for your company.

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    Your own mobile application

    Maximum opportunities for your customers!

    We develop and customize the application according to your corporate style for:

    According to surveys of many users of electric vehicles the most convenient and complete tool to access the charging is their smartphone, and it is quite understandable: smartphone is constantly with the owner, and special applications show all the relevant information and allow to activate the charging in a few clicks.

    Our company offers you to get your own mobile application with all the functionality to manage charging stations and payment at a “reasonable” cost. In addition, your company has developed a mobile application under its own brand. We offer several implementations of the charging station control system:

    • development of mobile applications and web-portal only, and as Back End our system is used on SAAS terms.Thus, a set of convenient exclusive management tools (mobile applications for Android, iOS, web-site) is provided for your clients. At the same time, you save most of your money for Back End development, working as the owner of a network of charging stations on our platform.
    • development of “turnkey” system with a set of solutions Front End and Back End for independent management

    Get access to your stations in 24/7 mode

    You can control and monitor your equipment from anywhere in the world

    Increase profits and comfort of use of your charging stations with our solutions

    Get the opportunity to have access to all statistics of the work of charging stations: what was charged, when, how long and how much energy was consumed. This solution will be relevant for limited charging networks, for example, for the company’s official car fleet, hotel guests or residents of an apartment building. For a fixed monthly payment, you get 24/7 access from any device to all parameters and statistics of the station.

    You will also have the opportunity of technical monitoring of the charging stations and timely receive information about various malfunctions. We suggest you to use a test solution by connecting your stations to our system. Be convinced of its convenience and relevance.