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Specifications and cost of electric car charging stations by UGV Chargers

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Fast charging stations for electric cars

Features of a fast charging station for electric cars

Our fast charger models are designed for installation in high traffic locations (hotels, gas stations, restaurants, shopping and business centers, etc.) and have the following advantages:
  • charging time takes on average 30 minutes to 80% battery capacity
  • possible design options for different locations: from placement on trolleybus poles to equipping with advertising surfaces like «city-light»
  • the ability to complete one station with several types of ports for different charging systems: CHAdeMO, Combo, CCS, Type 1 / Type 2
  • the design of the stations allows them to organically combine them with the urban environment, as well as with service locations and on highways. The appearance of a fast chargers for electric cars can be customized according to customer requirements and integrated into the installation place.
  • service maintenance of stations by UGV Chargers developers will allow you to quickly eliminate possible problems
  • a mobile app for electric vehicle owners and software for organizing a network of fast charging stations for electric cars - all these developments will allow networking and provide innovative services to customers of the charging station network.

Innovative, powerful and fast car charging stations manufactured by UGV Chargers (fast charger) - meet all the requirements and needs of the electric charging equipment market.

The cost of the station for fast charging of the electric car

Buying a fast chargers for electric cars means taking your business to the next level and becoming a part of a sustainable future.

The cost of fast charging stations depends on the power of the station, the number of ports, and case options. Of course, the price of a fast charging station for ev is higher than the cost of AC electric station, but the functionality put into the station also requires more powerful equipment for collecting the station.

In own development of fast electric charging equipment UGV Chargers uses components of the world famous manufacturer Siemens, which ensures quality, durability and warranty support of the equipment.

We invite you to see our product range of fast stations with different capacities and possible connector configurations. Our experts will answer all your questions regarding the possible configuration, characteristics, which directly affects the cost of the station. We will help you choose the right station model for your needs.

All stations developed by UGV Chargers have a manufacturer's warranty, and various partnership programs and conditions for installing and purchasing UGV Chargers fast charging electric vehicles will help you become a business partner of our company and purchase a charging station on favorable for you terms.

Contacts of our specialists in electric charging equipment:
+38 (067) 235 47 17 UGV Chargers sales department
+38 (050) 100 9796 UGV Chargers technical support

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