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Specifications and cost of electric car charging stations by UGV Chargers

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Cost of charging stations for electric cars

UGV Chargers manufactures electric vehicle charging stations in various configurations and for different purposes. It can be:
  • wall
  • floor
  • fast parking electric stations
Car charger cost depends on:
  • power put into the station
  • number and type of charging ports
  • type of station execution

Our developments in electric charging equipment are based on the principles of compliance of our products with modern trends in this industry.

We offer solutions for charging electric vehicles both for functioning residential complexes and for those under construction, for shopping and business centers, hotels, with the ability to use multiple charging ports for comfortable charging service.

We will choose the best solution that will meet your commercial requirements

Varieties of charging stations

What are the different charging stations for electric vehicles?

Chargers for electric vehicles, as a rule, are usually divided into two types, depending on the power of the station, its functionality and the duration of full charging of the electric vehicle: AC and DC (fast, supercharger) stations.

Basic AC charging stations for electric vehicles for home and commercial use by UGV Chargers.

In order to buy an alternating current charging for an electric vehicle, it is necessary to assess the functional load of the station, namely:
  • station for home or commercial use
  • the number of allowed simultaneous charging sessions
  • average time for charging an electric vehicle at a given location
  • wall or floor version

The charging speed of an electric vehicle depends on the maximum rated power of the charging station as well as the power of the vehicle's onboard charging electronics. But on average, it will take about 3-8 hours to charge at an AC station.

The AC charging station UGV Chargers is easy to use, thanks to its compactness and different design options - floor and wall models.

UGV Chargers mobile app will provide electric vehicle owners with the following opportunities:
  • search for a charging station on the map
  • booking a charging station
  • charging an electric vehicle
  • payment for the charging session

How much does an electric car charging station cost in Ukraine?

AC stations for this type of electric vehicle are not fast chargers, and the mentioned car charger cost is relatively low compared to fast charging stations. The equipment of the station also affects its cost: the power of the station, the number of charging ports, equipping with additional options (video surveillance, lighting, etc.).

All stations developed by UGV Chargers have a manufacturer's warranty, and various partnership programs and conditions for installing and purchasing UGV Chargers ev charging stations will help you become a business partner of our company and purchase a charging station on favorable for you terms.

Contacts of our specialists in electric charging equipment:
+38 (067) 235 47 17 - UGV Chargers sales department
+38 (050) 100 9796 - UGV Chargers technical support

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