UGV Chargers is looking for locations to install an electric charging station or charging points on the territory of your business

The installation of electric charging stations for electric vehicles in this option of cooperation requires a minimum of costs and efforts from you:

  • provide a place to install an electric charging station of any configuration
  • lay an electric line to the place of installation of the electric charging station of the required capacity, min. 7 kW
  • equip the power line with protective equipment (switchgear and a diffuser)

The demand for charging infrastructure is growing rapidly, and it is only a matter of time before a charging station is installed in every parking lot.

You can provide a place for electric charging in the parking lot:

  • hotel
  • a restaurant,
  • fitness club,
  • shopping center,

With the installation of the charging station, you will receive new customers and additional income, and eventually buy the charging station and become its owner.

We connect you to the UGV Chargers network and install the charging station at your location.

You get convenient software for managing the charging station, access to the mobile application and billing system.

Who will be interested in becoming our partner:

  • Those who care about the environment and ecology;
  • Those who want to provide high-quality customer-oriented service and get new customers;
  • Those who want to make additional profit.

So be in time, before your competitors!

Get new customers by providing the best service.

Become a partner of UGV Chargers and make a profit from the installed charging stations.