UGV Chargers Fast EV charging stations support Plug&Charge function

Plug & Charge is a modern technology for EV charging, designed to simplify the process of identifying the user of the charging station.

Plug & Charge technology, based on the ISO15118 standard and related to CCS charging port, allows the EV and the charging station to charge and authorize payments directly from the driver’s account, without the need for RFID cards or a Mobile App.

You simply connect the charging cable to the car and charge the battery without prior authorization. EV charging station immediately recognizes the user and starts the charging process. You just need to make sure that the personal account has money for paying charging session.

Fast EV charging stations UGV Chargers with CCS port can work using direct connection to OCPP and at the same time use advanced diagnostics for additional information and technical support.

Advantages of Plug & Charge:

  • Fast charging without additional authorization
  • Security and Privacy
  • Automatic charging session

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