New models with an updated design have appeared in the model range of UGV Chargers wall stations

Charging stations are designed for home use with the capacity of:

  • 7 kW,
  • 11 kW
  • 22 kW.

Having a home station you get:

  1. Access to charging 24/7
  2. The possibility to charge your electric car at the night rate
  3. Planning your own time without queuing for a charging session
  4. Own charging station – always 100% charged electric car, ready for long trips
  5. You can warm up the interior of the car in the cold or cool it in the heat from the mains without using up the battery
  6. The 7, 11, 22 kV charging station preserves the capacity and number of charge cycles of the car battery

If you want to order a charging station for your own use, contact our managers.