New fast charging station UGV Chargers installed in Kiev in the network of the IONITY operator

We are glad to announce the successful testing and launch of the UGV Chargers fast charging station in the network of the IONITY electric charging station operator.

⚡️The fast charging station is designed and assembled by UGV Chargers engineers based on Siemens components and provides a 40 kW charge through the CHAdeMO fast charging port.
The station is installed in Kiev at the address: st. Gogolevskaya, 47.

Network solution – IONITY.

💡We remind that you can order an universal charging station, which we`ll develop for your tasks. After all, UGV Chargers is not only an operator of a network of electric charging stations, but also is a manufacturer of high quality charging stations based on European components.

📲To order fast universal electric chargers UGV Chargers, please contact us:


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