Fast charging stations for electric cars

Fast charging station for electric vehicles
by UGV Chargers, model UGV-A40DG-H40-S-RM

One of the latest own company developments for fast charging equipment based on Siemens components


Fast charging stations for electric vehicles are designed to be installed in public parking of shopping and office centers, hotels, restaurants and medical centers, on the territory of residential complexes - for an electric car charging session, which will take from 30 minutes to 2 hours until the battery is fully charged.

Features of the FAST charger for electric vehicles by UGV Chargers (DC FAST CHARGER) with CHADEMO / CCS ports:

Possible capacities of fast charging stations:

Электрозаправочная быстрая станция для электромобилей 60 кВт_UGV Chargers
Быстрая зарядка электромобиля UGV Chargers

FAST charging station 20 kWt model UGV-A40DG-H40-S-RM

Possible station set with ports:

EV fast charger station 60 kWt by UGV Chargers

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    How long does it take to charge an electric car
    at this fast station?

    Full charge time for the following car model:

    Tesla Model S
    from 20 min to 2 hours
    Nissan Leaf
    from 20 to 45 min
    BMW I 3
    from 30 to 40 min

    The number of electric vehicles on the roads of Ukraine is growing, and we understand the importance of creating a charging infrastructure for their owners. The increase in the number of electric vehicles will lead to a decrease in emissions, and this is one of the first priorities of humanity. Taxi services on electric vehicles appear in Ukrainian cities with a population of one million, corporate parks are replenished with electric cars, and ev charging in the socket is a thing of the past.

    Our solutions for fast charging stations (supercharger) - take into account all the necessary technical requirements of these fast electric charging stations, the wishes of customers for the required power and design. We can do it - after all, we are a developer company and follow the development trends of the electric charging equipment market.

    Commercial use of this charging station is carried out through the connection to the software service via the OCPP protocol to any network. UGV Chargers is the operator of its own network of electric charging stations, to which you can connect your station.

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