EV charger stations UGV Chargers began to be actively installed in the networks of filling stations

The network of UGV Chargers is growing in Ukraine. Thus, the network is the operator of 34 EZS (including two fast EZS), the total number of ports is 60. At the same time, the company started working in the BARS and Coral networks.

The company noted that they are ready to work with all Ukrainian operators, including OKKO, GLUSCO, WOG, BRSM-Nafta, SOCAR, AMIC.

The format of cooperation with filling stations on the example of BARS and Coral networks. The partner (filling station network – ed.) lay the cable, and the operator UGV Chargers install the station. Net income is split 50/50. The cost of installing an EZS UGV Chargers averages $ 1,500 – $ 17,000.

The founder of the operator of electric charger stations UGV Chargers –  is Infocom LTD (Trotsenko E.A.).

OilMarket information:

Fast charging stations UGV Chargers with a capacity of 20-60 kW will be able to fully charge a car battery in a period from 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the battery capacity and the model of the electric vehicle. Developing the infrastructure of charging stations for electric cars, UGV Chargers have developed a fast electric charging station CITY FORMAT. The stylish charging station looks great on city streets. The fast charger pont can even be mounted on a street pillar, making them ergonomic and economical. It can also be free-standing charging stations.

UGV Chargers CITY FORMAT fast electric charging stations can become an effective platform for advertising. At the top of the charging station, there is a running LED line, and the main plane can be used as for advertising purposes – as a citylight, branded at the discretion of the customer. This makes it possible to generate additional passive advertising income and increase brand awareness among electric vehicle owners.

Fast Chargers UGV Chargers have convenient control of the charging session using the mobile application or via a web browser (OCPP protocol). The software was developed by UGV Chagers engineers and is perfect for commercial use of charging stations with the possibility of customization for the client. Remote control of electric chrging station, charging monitoring, station booking and billing – all this makes it possible to quickly and comfortably charge an electric vehicle.