UGV fast charging stations are available for shipment in stock

UGV Chargers produces high-quality electric charging stations from European components that have different degrees of protection. Protection systems and components installed on fast charging stations: All-weather housing made of powder-coated steel with IP55 protection level Individual protection of each power module and its feedback Overvoltage limiter at the input and indication of its status Insulation … Read more

Phased assembly of fast charging stations by a Ukrainian manufacturer UGV Chargers

There is a war in Ukraine, we must definitely help our military with combat unmanned robotic platforms, but when peace comes, we must think about our future. Now UGV fast electric chargers are being assembled in the front-line city of Zaporozhye along with unmanned platforms, which means we think and believe in our victory!

Congratulations to all the women of Ukraine on March 8

UGV Chargers congratulates you on the International Women’s Day and wishes the most important and priceless things: health, love and simple human happiness. Let your home always be warm and cozy, let your family and friends always be there for you.

UGV Chargers has registered its copyrights in the works of

“Computer program for the infrastructure of fast charging stations “EV Charging Management Software” and“Software for fast charging stations for electric vehicles “UGV Fastcharger”. Electric charging stations are actively filling the Ukrainian market, so it becomes easier to find a charging place and adjust your time to all your affairs. You can familiarize yourself with … Read more

UGV Chargers in the city of Dnipro!

Попереднє Наступне Two UGV Chargers 40 kW electric charging stations were installed. The stations are open around the clock, have a free parking area and are located nearby, which allows you to choose a free station and a convenient time for charging your car. The charging station is located at 141A Oleksandr Polia Ave. The … Read more

One more station UGV Chargers was installed in Slovakia

Previous Next One more station UGV Chargers was installed in Slovakia, which is our second installed charging station in Europe! The charging station is located at: Trnava, adresa Hlavna 30/198, Dolná Krupa , near the restaurant «7 divov». The charging station is equipped with two ports Type2+Type2, 7+22 kW. For ordering EV Charging Stations contact … Read more