Become a partner of UGV Chargers and earn profit from installed charging stations

UGV Chargers, a manufacturer and operator of a network of charging stations, invites gas stations, hotels, restaurants, residential complexes and other partners to cooperate. The demand for charging infrastructure is growing rapidly, and the issue of installing a charging station in every parking lot is a matter of time. So hurry up, before your competitors! … Read more

UGV Chargers mobile application

The UGV Chargers mobile application is an online service for charging electric vehicles and paying for sessions, as well as a platform for technical monitoring and dispatching. The UGV Chargers app allows you to control: The charging process; Full display of statistics on your charging sessions; Route planning; Recharge and payment for charging using a … Read more

UGV Chargers charging stations are powerful and reliable!

Our specialists carefully check any station, monitor the quality of assembly in a constant mode. UGV Chargers charging stations are made of European components and can be produced according to the needs of the client with the required number of charging ports and power. UGV Chargers support charging of all ports simultaneously, distributing the power … Read more

Develop charging infrastructure together with UGV Chargers

In addition to manufacturing charging stations, UGV Chargers develops charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and builds its own network of charging stations. You can join the UGV Chargers network of charging stations with your own electric filling stations, receiving convenient billing, station management software, and access to the mobile application. The simple interface and the most convenient … Read more

Fast charging station 160 kW

Commercial use of UGV Chargers is possible through connection to the software service using the OCPP protocol to any network. UGV Chargers is an operator of a network of electric filling stations to which you can connect your station. Advantages: 1. A wide range of charging stations 2. Supports the OCPP platform for remote commercial … Read more

Meet the Fast Charger 40 kW DC from UGV Chargers in Kremenchuk

Previous Next This week we installed our flagship model – a 40 kW DC fast charging station. The charging station is manufactured and developed by UGV Chargers engineers based on European components and has 2 ports. The charging station can charge two cars at the same time. The charging station operates around the clock, 7 days a … Read more

White Label Software

Manage your charging station network with our turnkey solution on a ready-made platform. It includes the functionality of the charging station operator – the admin panel (website) and the functionality for the customer (website/mobile application). The admin panel functionality includes management of stations, tariffs, customers, payments, charging session history, reports and statistics. The functionality for … Read more