UGV fast charging stations are available for shipment in stock

UGV Chargers produces high-quality electric charging stations from European components that have different degrees of protection.

Protection systems and components installed on fast charging stations:

  • All-weather housing made of powder-coated steel with IP55 protection level
  • Individual protection of each power module and its feedback
  • Overvoltage limiter at the input and indication of its status
  • Insulation control relay, which is made as a separate element
  • Anti-condensation heating, which is automatically activated depending on the level of humidity and temperature
  • Emergency stop button on the case to stop charging immediately

The following fast DC chargers are available for shipment:

  • Fast Charger 160 кВт 2xCCS2
  • Fast Charger 120 кВт 2xCCS2
  • Fast Charger 40 кВт Chademo + type 1
  • Fast Charger 40 кВт Chademo + type 2

To order charging stations, please contact UGV Chargers specialists.