UGV charging stations are operating in many cities of Ukraine and are waiting for their customers!

Charging your car is getting easier:

  1. Convenient parking area,
  2. Power of stations from 7-160 kW,
  3. Dynamic power distribution will allow you to charge several cars at the same time.

You can find a charging station on the Map, where convenient navigation and a filter will help you find the nearest charging station or use the UGV mobile application, where you will have access to the following functions:

    • Search for stations

Search and view stations on the map of electric charging stations in the application

    • Creating routes

Create a route to the selected charging station

    • Charging process

A convenient way to charge your car

    • Notifications

Receive notifications about charging sessions

    • History of charging stations

Saving data for each charging session

    • Statistics

Full display of statistics on your charging sessions (total consumption, time, cost)

    • Visa / mastercard

Pay for charging with your bank card

    • Virtual wallet

Replenishment and payment of charges using a virtual account