UGV Chargers mobile charging stations

Last week we successfully tested the UGV Chargers mobile EV charging station, which can become an ambulance for electric cars on Ukrainian highways.

UGV Chargers has developed a new solution for fast charging of electric vehicles that are far from stationary EV charging stations.

Minibus-based mobile EV charging station is equipped with CHAdeMO, CCS Combo 2 and GB / t fast charging ports. The solution combines a 40 kW internal generator and a 40 kW * h battery.

In total, the output charging power is 80 kW, which can be issued by one port or divided between ports.
The use of mobile fast EV charging stations is relevant:

  • In the conditions of large distance between cities and poorly developed infrastructure of charging stations
  • To organize charging infrastructure at concerts and festivals

Mobile charging stations UGV Chargers are able to charge 80% of the battery of an electric car in just 40-60 minutes, depending on the car battery.


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