UGV Chargers mobile application

UGV Chargers mobile application
According to recent research, more than 60% of Ukrainian consumers use smartphones to search for and purchase goods. And even more so for owners of an innovative mode of transportation, such as electric vehicles, mobility and convenience are of utmost importance.

For electric car drivers, one of the main functions required in such apps is an electric charging map, because when driving an electric car, it is much easier to build a route to a charging station and book it for a charging session on your mobile phone. And it is not difficult to pay for the charging session in the Personal Account of the mobile application.

The mobile application for charging electric vehicles helps not only to simplify the process of charging electric vehicles, but also to solve business problems for owners of electric charging stations and their network solutions.

The UGV Chargers mobile application is an online service for charging electric cars and paying for sessions, as well as a platform for technical monitoring and dispatching.

The following functions are available in your personal account:

  • Station search
  • Creating routes
  • Charging process
  • Notifications
  • History of charging stations
  • Statistics
  • Visa / MasterCard
  • Virtual wallet

To order charging stations, please contact UGV Chargers specialists!