Meet the 120 kW Fast Charger by UGV Chargers in the network of the IONITY charging station operator in Ternopil.

This week we installed our flagship model – a 120 kW DC fast charging station.
The charging station is manufactured and developed by UGV Chargers engineers based on European components and has 3 ports. The charging station can simultaneously charge three cars.

The charging station operates around the clock, 7 days a week.

945 IONITY AC/DC by UGV Home Express shopping center
at the address: 1 Chumatska St., Ternopil, Ukraine

If charging takes place simultaneously:

  • up to 80 kWh via CCS Combo connector 2;
  • up to 40 kWh via CHAdeMO
  • 1хType1 connector up to 40A (220V) – 7 kWh


If separately at each station port:

  • up to 120 kWh via CCS Combo 2 connector;


  • up to 50 kWh via CHAdeMO
  • 1xType1 up to 40A (220V) – 7 kWh

Charging only for the consumed kW, without paying for the connector rental.