Investments in business

Installing an electric charging station for electric vehicles manufactured by UGV Chargers will take your business to the next level.

UGV Chargers, as a developer and manufacturer of electric charging stations, offers you a full cycle of electric charging station installation:

  • project development
  • installation of the charging station
  • connecting it to the UGV Chargers network
  • providing software for the charging process
  • placing information about charging on the map
  • after-sales service

With the installation of an electric charging station for UGV Chargers electric vehicles, you will receive:

  • additional profit (rent, electricity)
  • increase customer loyalty
  • information about your business on the maps of the electric charging station
  • participation in the Green Technology policy

It’s no secret that additional services on the territory of your business are a priority for customers when choosing a recreation area, holding events or shopping. But you also get the opportunity to invest in your business and receive passive income from the installation of an electric charging station. The maximum payback period of an electric charging station is 2 years with a minimum daily charging load, which is approximately 3 hours per day.

To order charging stations, please contact the specialists of UGV Chargers