EV charging stations for commercial use with OCPP protocol

All UGV Chargers EV Charging Stations support the OCPP protocol for commercial use and management of stations.

Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) – an open protocol of interaction between the charging station and the control server.

Advantages of charging stations with OCPP protocol:

  • Ability to select and change software from different EV charging station operators
  • Flexibility and independence from the charging station manufacturer
  • Safe station control channel

When you choose an OCPP compliant charging station, you can change your network whenever you want.

OCPP compliant charging solutions are the most competitive in the industry.

For ordering EV Charging Stations contact UGV Chargers: 


+ 38 (067) 885 77 83 Head of Charging Station Development at UGV Chargers

+38 (50) 100 9796 technical support